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Вино Вила Гривица

Villa Grivitsa Chardonnay

Chardonnay is the all time classic white wine. Try ours, which is easily distinguished with its enthralling aroma, rich taste and compelling freshness.


Villa Grivitsa Tamianka

An explosion of flowery and savory aromas! A well-balanced taste with a and freshThis is our Tamianka.

Enjoy it!


Villa Grivitsa Rose

A creamy pinkish color of a ripe peach.An emphasized taste of strawberry, white cherry and sweet quince.Accompanied with an embellished fruity taste, full and balanced with a note of sweetness to it. 

What more can we say about our Rosé? It was distinguished with the highest praise at the international winery exhibition "Meininger". 

Try it yourself!

Villa Grivitsa Riesling

Enjoy a glass of its intense tree green golden color 

Breathe in the fine aroma of white flowers, peach and pear. 

Taste the well-balanced fresh fruity taste!

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Villa Grivitsa Merlot

Our Merlot possesses an intensive ruby-red color with a nuance of pomegranate. The aroma is full of raspberry and wild cherries with a whiff of Eastern spices. 

Villa Grivitsa Cabernet

Our Cabernet Sauvignon will allow you to feel the aroma of dark forest fruits, black currant and fresh red peppers. When you taste it, you will be able to enjoy the intensive taste with velvet tannins and catch a note of dark chocolate and coffee in the aftertaste.

Villa Grivitsa

Villa Grivitsa is a an elegant boutique wine producer in the heart of a region with deep roots and traditions in winemaking. Grivitsa village is located in the region of the city of Pleven notable for the one and only Institute of Viticulture and Enology and .

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За градове София и Плевен, както и за поръчки над 100лв за цялата страна.

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